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Women in their 50's Get Inspired

When lockdown restrictions were lifted, I couldn't wait to go out to a pub or restaurant for lunch or dinner, but ore importantly to experience normality. Something we had all been deprived of for far too long.

The table is booked for Sunday lunch at No 131 in Cheltenham.

Excellent, can't wait. I was so looking forward to actually dressing up in something other than leggings, baggy jumper and flip flops which had been my go to throughout lockdown. Then I suddenly freaked out, I had not put a pair of jeans anywhere near my body for 18 months and like most of us, knew I had put on a few extra pounds.

Trying on jeans session - What a disaster darlings.

Well, I went through numerous pairs of jeans, some only making it just above the knee and refusing to budge any higher, where other pairs made it over my bum, with just an inch where the button just would not meet the eyelet. 'Oh dear, that didn't go as well as expected.'

Online shopping here I come.

My remit was to find a pair of skinny jeans, stretchy and more importantly high waisted. At the age of 57, that's a must these days. My only dilemma being a size 12, I was aware maybe I should opt for a 14. I was so use to comfort clothing restrictive clothing now, would be an absolute no no.

What a minefield out there #onlineshopping then I came across #Hollandcooper

I could have spend a fortune on the well designed website with an array of lovely clothing, shoes and accessories available to add to the cart. But it was the jeans that captured my attention, especially when the description says there is ample amount of stretch to sculpt and flatter your silhouette to the max. Designed to sit high on the waist while ensuring they do not cut in. Wow, that was music to my ears. Although the jeans cost £99, I had to but them, so I opted for black pair,

Huge excitement the day they arrived.

When they arrived, I was very impressed to receive a pair of jeans carefully wrapped with tissue paper in the #HollandCooper signature box. Very classy.

I tried them on straight away and I can honestly say, I have never worn a pair of jeans as comfortable at these were.

The material was great, the stretch in the jean was welcoming and to have a jean with a high waist was fab.

Off out to lunch in my new jeans.

We arrived at No #No131 in #Cheltenham for our Sunday lunch and what a lunch this establishment serves and has to be the best in the #Cotswolds. What made it better was sitting in a restaurant, eating a lovely roast lunch and feeling 100% comfortable in my newly purchased jeans.

I was so impressed with fit, I promptly ordered another pair, this time in denim and again, they were the same fit, feel great and look fab. Best of all, they are so comfortable to wear.

As I am fast approaching 60 (next February 2024) I live in Holland Cooper jeans, especially the jodhpur style and I have a few pairs in different colours. High waisted, stretchy and so comfortable to wear. You can't beat Holland Cooper jeans.




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