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Synopsis Of The Inheritance From Lost Love.

Patricia Ansty was heartbroken when she forced to give her daughter up for adoption in the early sixties. After rebuilding her life, she married into an aristocratic family, giving her the most privileged life, anyone could have ever dreamt of. Yet throughout her life, she always wondered where her daughter was and desperately wanted to find her again. After instructing her solicitor to begin the search Patricia's happiness was tragically cut short.

When Charlotte Chance inherits Patricia Clayton-Beresford’s entire estate, including a country estate in Gloucestershire, a house in Belgravia London and wealth to go with it. Charlotte’s question was why would anyone leave all of this to her? She soon discovers Patricia is her biological mother, yet she never knew her because she was adopted as a baby. The story unfolds and Charlotte's life is turned upside down and it would change forever, as greed, jealousy, deceit, betrayal and heartache takes over.

Developing the characters for the book was an exciting and delightful part throughout my writing, purely because I knew exactly who they were and how I wanted to portray them.

Patricia Ansty was just an inexperienced woman when she moved to London in the early Sixties to find a new life for herself. It was there she developed into a fine lady who was determined to make something of her life. Dropping her Yorkshire accent was crucial to her. She tuned in to the radio to enhance her vocabulary, practising day after day to talk well and within no time at all, she accomplished this.

Residing in the heart of London, Patricia soon discovered fashion and dressed like a lady with style and elegance, refusing to leave her tiny bedsit without perfectly styled hair, varnished nails, shiny shoes and adorning pale pink lipstick.

After she and Charles fell in love and married, Patricia came into an abundance of wealth and a privileged life where money was no object. Fashion developed into an enormous part of her life and proceeded to dress exquisitely.

Patricia’s kindness and affection were her principal characteristic. Although she married into an affluent noble family. It didn’t matter if the individual was a gardener, a servant or a delivery driver, Patricia treated everybody the same. Even though she talked nicely and posh in her tone, everybody who met her never felt inferior of her at all, and she ensured they never did.

Writing about Patricia was delightful for me, her character was so easy to write about and I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing her to life.

Come Back soon and meet Charlotte Chance.

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