Promoting my first novel - Expectations -v- Reality

Yay, I've finally finished writing my book. There is a mixture of emotions as well as excitement. Emotion because I have achieved what I set out to do and excitement because I will be self-publishing it.

I didn't have the funds to hire an editor or did I have proofreaders which left me no choice but to do all of it myself. To be honest, after I read the book a millionth time, I could practically recite the book without reading a page.

So, I self-published my book on KDP. which I found relatively easy to achieve. And within 72 hours, there it was on Amazon which felt like an amazing achievement.

Now what? I set up my own website as I needed to let people know my book is available to buy. Facebook, Instagram a

nd Twitter were the main social media platforms I used. I blogged about it on WordPress - Good Reads - Commaful - and many other sites to try and get my book noticed. I even paid a PR company to help. That hasn't so proved to be beneficial so far.

I guess my expectations were high because I thought I had done everything I needed to to to promote my book. (without paying out money to numerous sites that say they will boost sales and guarantee this and guarantee

that) It is a minefield out there I have to say.

In reality, I have come to realise that the only way forward, is to stay positive, continue promoting the book myself and I am confident that one day, all my hard work will pay off.

It's funny because the quote I inserted into the front of my book said

"The hardest part about writing a novel is finishing it." Ernest Hemmingway.

What it should have read was:-

"The hardest part about writing a novel is getting people to buy it." Sarah Bynoth-Fowler.

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