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The things we keep in our wardrobes, and what we can let go of

clothes and shoes


Do you ever look through your wardrobe to have a good clear-out and say 'I might wear that one day?'.

We all do it - even me.

I have lost count of the times I've looked in my wardrobe flicked through the clothes and thought, that has to go, so does that. Then you tussle with yourself and think, I may wear that one day and it stays hanging in the wardrobe.

A Year on.

Let's go through my wardrobe again and have a clear-out.'

I have come to the conclusion, if you have kept certain clothes in your wardrobe for a whole year without wearing it, just get rid.

I had clothes taking up valuable space in my wardrobe for so many years that I thought I would perhaps wear one day, but in reality never have worn and probably never will.

I may wear that again one day.

During lockdown, I think we all saw a different perspective to life, especially when it came to sorting cupboards, draws and de-cluttering our homes. In order to complete any of these tasks, you have to be ruthless and that is fact if you are to succeed.

I have got dresses in my wardrobe that I love, however they no longer fit. My logic is, if I lose weight, I'll be able to wear them again..... Who the hell am I kidding? With that frame of mind, it made it increasingly difficult for me to have a clear out.

Be realistic, be ruthless and above all be practical.

The day I opened my wardrobe to have a huge clear-out was the day I felt very proud of myself for getting rid of the clothes that had hung there for years thinking I would wear them again one day.

Who was I kidding? Most didn't even fit, some were not even worth keeping and other items were just not worth the hanger they were hanging on.

After I delivered numerous bags to various charity shops and put the rest into the clothes banks, I felt really good to have actually thrown away so many clothes I should have got rid of years ago.




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