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Age defying Foundation. I tried the rest, now I have found the best.


As our skin changes, so do we when it comes to applying foundation. If you are like me, the older we become, the less we tend to mask our faces with make-up. Well, that's in contrast to how regularly I did five to ten years ago. But if I'm going somewhere, even to the supermarket, I feel rather uncovered without a trace of make-up on.

Yet finding that perfect foundation that worked well for me was like stepping into the unknown. It's not like you can actually try these products out when you visit the high street stores. Someone informed me to find that perfect colour foundation was to dab a bit onto my wrist, rub it in to identify the true colour match to suit my skin. Or apply some on my jawline. Excellent advice, but honestly, who really wants to stand at a beauty counter applying make-up with shoppers wandering past looking straight at you? Not me!


All I can say is thank goodness for companies who advertise their make-up products on #facebook and #instagram with videos of real people and different ages applying the product themselves. That's where I discovered #phoera the foundation that claimed to make you look younger, covered blemishes and was long lasting. 'Really, does all that exist in one pot?' Feeling a little sceptical about their claims, I took the plunge and purchased one for myself at a reasonable price of £6.99, not too expensive compared to other foundations out there. Although it was only 30ml in size.


Well, what can I say? This product is fab and does exactly what the advert said it would.

Using a foundation brush, I Initially applied the same amount as I would any other foundation (to achieve a more natural look) yet this was far too much, and too heavy for me. In-fact, you only need to apply a few small dots, blend the foundation in with a brush and you will be really happy with the results. I certainly was, my skin looked radiant, healthy, and best of all, this particular foundation is light to wear and easy to apply. My hairdresser commented on how lovely my complexion looked when I went for a cut and blow dry. Since then, I have received many compliments saying how good I looked for my age.

If you are looking to cover fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and look younger. I highly recommend buying this foundation.

There are colours for all of us to choose from. Have Fun.


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