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Writing My First Novel

The Inheritance From Lost Love: Epic Family Saga Inspired by Author’s Own Thoughts of Her Unknown Biological Mother

Sarah Bynoth-Fowler's 'The Inheritance From Lost Love’ sees betrayal, loss and love collide – as readers become embroiled in the life of a grief-stricken mother who was forced to adopt her baby, and the daughter she never knew. It’s a story that explores the struggles and emotional turmoil associated with adoption, wrapped up in an unforgettable saga. The author was adopted in 1964, giving her insight few authors can boast.

For writer Sarah Bynoth-Fowler, there was no question on whether or not she’d put her idea for ‘The Inheritance From Lost Love’ down on paper.

The narrative started as a vivid dream received by the author over two nights. Bynoth-Fowler’s mother then passionately requested she turn it into a book during a longer than usual phone call; a call that would sadly be their last. Later that evening, Bynoth-Fowler was informed her mother had suddenly passed away.

The book now sits on the shelves, in her memory – and it’s absolutely cinematic.


Patricia Ansty was heartbroken when she forced to give her daughter up for adoption in the early sixties. After rebuilding her life, she married into an aristocratic family, giving her the most privileged life, anyone could have ever dreamt of. Yet throughout her life, she always wondered where her daughter was and desperately wanted to find her again. After instructing her solicitor to begin the search Patricia's happiness was tragically cut short.

When Charlotte Chance inherits Patricia Clayton-Beresford’s entire estate, including a country estate in Gloucestershire, a house in Belgravia London and wealth to go with it. Charlotte’s question was why would anyone leave all of this to her? She soon discovers Patricia is her biological mother, yet she never knew her because she was adopted as a baby. The story unfolds and Charlotte's life is turned upside down and it would change forever, as greed, jealousy, deceit, betrayal and heartache takes over.

“Patricia and Charlotte are an embodiment of me,” admits the author. “Charlotte of course reflects my own experiences as an adopted child. When writing Patricia, I was empowered to think very deeply and emotionally about how my own biological mother must have felt during and after giving me up for adoption. It’s such a raw, frank and intense narrative.”

Continuing, “Adopted children walk this world, every single day, wondering where they came from, and about the biological family they never knew. Writing this book was extremely therapeutic for me, and I hope it provides a rich escape for readers who can either relate to me or enjoy stories written from a real position of authority.”

‘The Inheritance From Lost Love’ is available now:

About the Author:

Sarah Bynoth-Fowler is a writer and author of the recent novel -The Inheritance from Lost Love. She is fun, glamourous, and clever and knows what she wants and how to get it!

Having been inspired by a dream that seemed so very real Sarah had over two consecutive nights, some 12 years ago, she began to write about the dream she had, her imagination went wild and the outline of Inheritance from Lost Love was born.

On the 18th of December 2008 whilst living in Spain, Sarah had a longer than usual telephone conversation with her mother back in the UK, her mother was thrilled to hear about the plot of the story and told her to finish her book, words that have stuck with Sarah to this very day, as later that evening Sarah was informed that her mother had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The manuscript was nearly completed in January 2009 and has been kept on a memory stick, as she never thought the book was good enough.

During lockdown, Sarah bought the book back to life and more determined than ever before, Sarah completed her novel in memory of her late mother and has spent the last decade reading and writing romance novels, giving her characters palpable spark!

Sarah has travelled extensively around the globe, learning and soaking up the cultures whilst walking the paths of her characters.

Sarah lives and works out of her home in the heart of the Cotswolds, spending what spare time she gets relaxing with her husband on the North Devon coast.




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