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What Are My Blogs About?

Welcome to My Blog! #TurningHeads For Women in their 50's

Now I have said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce myself. I'm Sarah and love writing, so much so, I have written a novel called '#TheInheritanceFromLostLove,' that sits on the shelf on #Amazon.

My passion for writing has lead me to #blogging where I enjoy writing posts to share different topics with my readers. I am certainly not an expert in everything, but what I do have that is just as important is life experiences. So what you will read in my upcoming blog posts will be of interest to women in their 50's, but just love to look glam.

Beauty - Creams, Make-up & Recommended Products.

I love trying out various face & body creams. The older I become the more I want to know if they appear to work i.e. Lessen wrinkles & delicate lines. If you are anything like me, I wander into a beauty store and am knocked out with a bunch of (wonderful) beauty creams. Fab options, but which of these creams actually achieve what they say they do? Who knows until we purchased and tried them.

I merely propose beauty products I have tested out myself. If they don't inspire me, I will mention why, if they impress me, I will suggest trying the product. Of course, we all recognise our skin types are certainly varied and not all that work for me will work for you. But there is one element, us girls in our 50's have in common and that is we all crave radiant skin, we all desire to diminish wrinkles and fine lines and we all choose to hold on to some youthful looks.

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Fashion & Accessories

When it falls to fashion, who doesn't love flicking through magazines and exploring the current fashion trends, wondering if that particular pair of jeans, shirt & jacket would look as good on us. I guess we all do, but in the real-world fashion that looks perfect on a size zero model, perhaps wouldn't have the same presence if we were wearing it.

We all have our own individual styles, but it actually doesn’t matter, fashion is all about loving how you look and being relaxed in what you wear. What I love best of all, is you can put on a pair of jeans and a plain jumper then dress it up with chunky jewellery or a vivid scarf and stroll out the door feeling a million dollars for minimal effort. The greatest thing about fashion is you don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylishly good, you just need a little bit of imagination.

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Lifestyle & Travel

The lifestyle we all prefer to lead, is where we feel happy. I am sure many of us would want to modify the way we live at moments, though we remain where we are at our happiest. Yes, we could all consume less alcohol, eat healthier and exercise regularly, but each to their own I say. As long as you feel happy within yourself, that's all that matters. But the good part about our lifestyle's we can transform it as and when needed.

I love to travel and the feeling of jetting off to a warm country is very appealing, especially now when travel has been restricted for so long. To just relax on the beach, with the small waves of the sea splashing up on the shore suggests sheer paradise to me and I can't wait to start my overseas travels. I will write about it on my travel blog. (Come back in May and I'll report about my Sharm-el-Sheikh, holiday in Egypt.

However, I must also put out there, we have some fascinating places to visit throughout the UK and this certainly can't be overlooked and I will take you on some incredible journeys I have been on along the way.

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