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How decluttering my handbag changed my life.


We carry around so much rubbish in our handbags - How often do we ever sort them out?

From mess to organisation

If your handbag is anything like mine, full of useless stuff that shouldn't even be inside the bag, clearing out is so therapeutic, I can't begin to tell you.

I love a big handbag, where you can fit everything in to have everything at your fingertips, so why is it, our bags accumulate so much rubbish?

Essentials we should have inside our handbags..

All we actually need to carry around with us is a purse, makeup bag - brush - phone - diary and a pen. This is precisely what I had inside mine. However, for some reason every time I went out, whether it was to the supermarket, going out for coffee with a friend, or a day out with my husband, My bag immediately filled up with clutter.

What rubbish I found inside my bag..

Burrowing into the bottom of mine, I pulled out sachets of sugar, brown and white. Plastic and wooden stirrers. Napkins. Loose coins. Sachets of vinegar & Ketchup. Leaflets and used face masks covered in foundation and lipstick. Yuk!

Because I prefer a larger handbag, it became apparent, the bigger the bag the more rubbish I collected. Everything just sat at the bottom of the bag and each time I needed to find something, generally my phone, purse or anything else come to that , I found it a complete nightmare. Then I happened to come across the best invention ever called the #handbagorganiser. What a marvellous invention and a must have item if you want a well organised handbag. I discovered many specific designs in various sizes on #ebay, (Also available on other websites) after acquiring one for myself, it totally transformed my life.

The lightweight felt material with an array of pockets encourages you to put everything in its place, but best of all, you can access everything quickly. Ever since the organiser has been inside my bag, no more rubbish is thrown inside. Happy days.

Try one for yourself, because it will undoubtedly change your life.




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